end of a period

The month of February is Black His/Her Story Month. Although it is the shortest month of the year, I celebrate my Blackness daily, monthly, yearly. A time of reflection, self-awareness, ad desire to know and dig more, a reminder of the greatness of what my people have done since the beginning. The end of this period, also marks the beginning of the month that shares Winter and Spring seasons in the northern hemisphere. March has this bitter sweet feeling, a mix of letting go of the cold winter brings and getting excited for the warmth that spring slowly introduces. It is also my birthday month, in a significant yearly beginning.

1-28 February 2022 was a month of creativity.

Februum is latin for purification. That’s what 2.2022 was, a month of creative purification. Mounted with new experiences, lights, camera, and space for interpretation, discovery, experimental decisions, and reconnections. It brought better money decisions, but also lots of distribution of wealth to corporations. Now that this is known, March can only be better. This time turned out to be nothing short but groundbreaking, and a clear time to prepare for this new year that is only 24 days away. Cheers to this end of a period, that naturally marks the beginning of another.


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