W E L C O M E to Glasses & Laces where it’s #alwaysfreshandneverfaded.  This is where things get serious or not.  I am creatively always motivated, and find myself having to find ways to express this creativity.  I dance.  I write.  I draw.  I blog.  I report.  I denounce.  I love.  So hard.  I express.  I teach.  I produce.  I realize.  I choreograph.  I develop.  I think.  I am.  I feel.  I am.  This is a Welcome to you, to a world you may or may not have experienced, and I hope you enjoy browsing through it.  Insights will be shared.  Inside jokes will be shared.  Moments in life will be shared.  Art is definitely on the menu.  The goal is to live truly the way I am intended to live.  It is quite hard to feel who you really are in a world that constantly molds you into someone who does not feel.  So here is the place I allow myself and others to feel.

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