90 Daze to a New Decade

Every year that goes by is a year farther from our beginning. Given, there are many beginnings I have lived since I’ve taken my first breath. It never really is a reset though. I don’t want a reset. I actually am very grateful for all the days I get to wake up to, and so grateful for the nights I get to dream. I am still, and by now understand will forever be, a work in progress. 90 days to achieve things in my 30s. I started this blog almost 8 years ago. It was the perfect place for me to not only practice writing but also to express things I was witnessing in the communities I am part of. It was driven by Hip Hop (still is). Now that I have lived more and matured (gladly), what I wrote about was a bit on the surface. I was never really a surface type of person. I like depth, I like having random conversations with strangers that change my life forever. Living in NYC I must say there is a high probability of these moments happening. Unfortunately, not everywhere is New York City, haha, and that’s perfect like that. I am now desiring to share 90 days of truths of my journey out of my 30s and into my 40s. This is my challenge, which I am now realizing is really a challenge. See, I am full of ideas and full of energy to realize them. I have a tendency of letting go when the excitement is out of it. I move on quickly. I don’t stick to things, well I stick to some, and often they are not the best things to stick to. But I am deciding that the next decade I get to live on this crazy planet, I want it to be different than my last decade. Better, Bigger, Stronger. (I guess I should add Faster, but if you know me, you know I run on fast mileage already, so Slower would be best for me in my 40s).

So, here is Day 1 of my open diary. It is a place for me to talk about what I feel matters, and right now, to be honest, the state of the world is saddening me a lot. I am way too sensitive for it all, and I am actively searching for a rock to stay under. Saving up my coins so I can build a spaceship. The invitations will be out soon, and it might read “You are cordially invited to board the G&L Space Ship set for planet NN. Please bring only your good vibes, your toothbrush if you must, and …..

Here are 10 things I want to achieve in the next 10 years not in a specific order and hopefully I cross one out each year!!!

  1. Own a house, make a home.
  2. Have a kid, two if possible, and be a great mom.
  3. Own multiple successful businesses, combining all the things I’ve learned up until my 40s.
  4. Find the one, and cultivate this relationship with honesty and truthful communication.
  5. Set foot in Africa more than once, reconnect with my ancestral background.
  6. Choreograph/art direct a master piece that will be legacy and a reference.
  7. Become a DJ, a good one at that.
  8. Create a creative residency in Ayiti, helping the arts & culture community in Okoto.
  9. Live home (where my heart is) for one year, setting roots, creating opportunities for my local community.
  10. BE. an artist. a creative. a dancer. a writer. a visual artist. a musician. a poet. a mystery. always BE.

#alwaysfreshneverfaded #simplyunique


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