Off. Balance.

Is this one of these nights, I don’t know what to write about? Several thoughts are running through my mind, and not one of them is worth exploring clearly. I am typing literally what comes to my mind. I danced today. I dance every day, but I don’t log in enough me time. Lights, camera, action. Its showtime.

Today I gave myself the gift of moving for myself. No pressure, no montage, no special lights, just a smile, music, and space to express. That’s all I needed to clear and prepare my mind. This allows me to be that much more open when the ‘places’ call is heard. Meditation is common practice and heightened in these last few days, but a ritual is definitely needed. Tonight is that night.

I can feel how out of tune I am. Ok, perhaps not that off-balance, just finding that balance. Time to sit down, think, pray, feel and live.


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