i am the bridge

I am on tour with the Bboyizm Dance Company. We are in our last days of rehearsal, and dress rehearsals. The premiere is set a week from now, and the pressure is slowly piercing through the skin. This is a special one. Sharing the stage with these incredible individuals is priceless. I remember when I first saw Tash, I remember when I first met DKC, I remember when I first met Crazy Smooth. For each of these individuals, it was love at first sight. Now, getting to share stories, to break bread, to dance with each other, and for each other, is quite phenomenal, I am grateful for it. Realizing that they have shaped my life in such a way that I am forever changed from these ‘rencontres’. I have learned an incredible amount by their sides and getting to share what I’ve practiced, developed, explored, and become is an experience of a lifetime. What makes it special? Well, this is not our first lifetime together, and even in this one, so many lifetimes have transpired. I have a solo in this spectacular experienced called IN MY BODY, and it is quite the moment I’d say. I explore the world of secludedness and dig into internal warfare of silent pain. The vulnerability to let others see that pain, to invite others into your deepest thoughts and fears, being engulfed in this body and having your spirit outside of it, and allowing others to experience it. IN MY BODY is real, it’s a reality for many of us, and it can never be a lie. It is lived the minute it is danced. What a blessing to be able to stand in this stance, in this tence. A title should be given because I believe this solo is changing my life. I know it is changing lives. I am the bridge. There it is.


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