In 2022, the conversation about being a womxn is diversified. I don’t want to linger on what that may entail, instead, I want to talk about what it means to me. The feeling of being a womxn is hard to explain, describe, and discern sometimes. It is more than having a womb, it is more than the ability to hold a human in that womb. It is more than that intuitive feeling felt at given moments. It is more than a nurturing sentiment, attentiveness, or a detail-oriented mind.

Being womxn is spectacular.

It’s like a dance amongst the stars which originate from all parts of the universe with the Moon as the governing heavenly body. It is like the burning sensation the Sun has endured for all these years. Reassurance, comfort, love, care, and sensitivity are just a few words to describe this being I am so gladly embodying.

Being womxn is grand.

As I know that we are all one, when I close my eyes and feel the space within these walls call flesh, I can travel infinitely to unknown distances. To me, that is partly being a womxn. Finding that balance between the known and unknown. Ascertaining the power held inside, understanding the magic, believing in the impossible, realizing the impossible, is womxn. Enabling to ascend, encouraging to heal, pushing to achieve, are mantras for my womxnhood. Without those accessing and building community wouldn’t be possible.

Being a Black womxn is Alien-like.

Powerful, misunderstood, and beautiful, with its own set of keys, one I might describe some other time. It’s out of this world.


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