This date marks 30 days before the age of 40 is revealed to me. I can’t believe it. Not that I am not ready, just ’cause I feel it came so fast. Almost forty years ago, my mother was preparing for my arrival, her state of mind, her state of body, her state of being as a mother, a wife, a woman, making adjustments for her second baby; me. To think that in 40 years I will be 80, meanwhile I can remember when I said in 20 years I will be 40, laughing at how far that felt. Now, that it is knocking at my door, I think of how I made my grand entrance on a new moon, and wonder how my journey to her was decided. My mother is a Gemini. The sign of duality. The sign of deuce. My father is born on eleven/eleven. No coincidence there. I came by way of a cesarean, the twenty fourth day of the third month of the year nineteen eighty two. My number is indeed eleven, as it can be seen also as two. I am the combination of my father and mother. When looking at the stance of the eleven, you can’t help but notice two lines standing of same height next to each other, and either way you look at it they are entities of same value, harmonious and in partnership. Two number ones, when added, the number two appears, and you can’t help but notice its mix of curvilinear flow intensified by an angular finish. The two feels smooth and aggressive at once. It invites you in and leaves you wanting more, wondering what comes next, wandering whereto next. Carrying a strong feminine energy, with assertiveness, a desire to unify and love, the two is not only powerful, it is intuitive. What a way to start my countdown of 720 hours to a new decade. My focus has been on performance. On Carpe Diem. I think about the last 20 years and what I did to be where I am, what I did, where I have been. The experiences I carry with me are spectacular, that’s it, spectacular. My intention is to let the spectacular happen, be vulnerable, be truthful. That’s what 2.22.22 did to me. It brought me closer to my other one.


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