Is timing everything? I caught myself thinking about what a ‘wrong timing’ meant. Frankly, oftentimes I hear this from many other human beings disappointed about ‘missed’ opportunities. It got me thinking about what is timing anyway, and why is it everything? Aren’t we where we’re supposed to be at all times? Aren’t we following the signs given by life, even unconsciously, that are pushing us to make the decisions that led us to be where we are exactly at each precise moment? The timing never fails, and interestingly enough, mine tends to be ‘impeccable’, whatever that means. For example, a friend of mine always notices my excellent arrival at points in conversations with contributions that resonate. I would perhaps argue that my timing in a romantic setting seems to be unfound, but I’d also argue that it has been impeccable even if hurtful. Grrrr. Timing is when something happens at a particular point in time, it is not defined as good nor bad, it just is. I believe the entity of life makes it that you can ‘control’ your narrative by practicing to align your thoughts with your heart’s desires. After careful reflection, I reminded myself that my timing was on point when reconnecting with this old friend and that I have to let life run its course, in order to understand the timing of the timing; its relevance. We have the arrogance to believe that we can decide what the timing should reveal, but in reality we have to be open to what it actually reveals, and what it might not. I guess timing is everything.


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