Valentine’s Day

A day marked by the celebration of romantic love. Why though? Why is this 14th day of the month of February feels like it’s dedicated to loving romantically? Why love between human beings, and all living things, are not at the center point? Why are those with the most money are so oblivious to everyone’s reality? We clearly need some more clarity on that. There was a time when this day created anguish. A feeling of loneliness would creep the minute the last day of January would end. Would anyone send you a love note in high school? There was never love notes for me in a romantic way back then. It was always marked by the love and appreciation of my girlfriends. We took that opportunity to shed some light on the love we had for each other as friends, partners of high school days. That’s the love that gets you to thrive, to laugh, to heal, to hear, to hug. As a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, there is a longing, a desire to be ‘courted’ or to even ‘court’. Society encourages human to act a certain way when Valentine’s Day comes around. Do you have a date? Did you plan anything special? Did you get flowers? Are your wearing pink, red or both? Who is your Valentine? Did you get a gift? Did you get a kiss? As innocent as that can be, most of the time it felt like judgements or a sorry-like behavior/reaction. This day should be honored by celebrating the love between people and not ONLY romantically. As a result, 2.14.22 was spent exactly in the type of harmony that allows love to flourish, develop, deepen, and to be recognized. Valentine’s Day has lots of stories behind and ahead. The choice is to remember the importance of love and how it shows up at the doorstep, how to choose to accept it and always how to spread it. It’s the Brookly way.


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