Tale of a City

Every so often, I get inspired to write things in my notebook or a piece of paper.  I’m not expert at writing, says the one who blogs, but what I do know is that my artistry is me, and that it stretches far beyond what most of you know me for.  I explore different facets of me, and I simply would like to share it with you.  This is a ‘something’ for a lack to call it poetry…


City of dreams, opportunities, friendships and lovers.

City of music and poetry.

City of arts and mysteries.

You never seize to amaze me,

Yet, I don’t get shocked easily.

Well, not anymore.

You give so much, and take so much.

City of broken hearts, wandering souls and selfish beings.

City of serendipity, french kisses and melodies.

Your heart beats a minute faster than anywhere else.

Your soul vibrates worldwide.

You bring people together,

And are the common denominator

To many.

I, as many others, have a love affair with you.

And there are days you make our skin crawl with anger, despair and stinky odors.

Rich culturally, wealthy enabled.

Run down, some neighborhoods are,

Gentrified most neighborhoods are.


Living, embracing, hating but loving you.


City of screams, City of dreams.

Nubian Nene – g & L


Can You Feel It?

A few weeks ago, I added another project under my wings.  I was asked to co-host a party.  At first, I was a bit hesitant with the idea, since, if anyone has ever hosted a party, it’s not the easiest nor the least time consuming endeavor.  I remember when I was a kid, I loved having people over my house for family gathering or parties.  It was fun to be surrounded by love and laughter.  As much as it was tedious to clean up and fix up the place after, I couldn’t help but smile thinking of all the good times I had just had in good company.  So when the proposition fell onto my lap, I was excited about it but I needed to figure out how to time manage.  I remember when I first met Jon, we kept talking about projects we would get into, and one of them was to throw a party where people would come and have nothing but a good time.  A party where people would be excited about the music, the DJs, the dance floor, the company and the bar. ‘It’s A Feeling’ (I.A.F.) party was created.  So here I am, adding party promoter to the list of things I do.  I have figured out a system in terms of time management, and my goal is to get people bumping and grinding to the tunes of amazing ‘sound selectors’, as Loreto would say.

May 9th, we celebrated Nova’s birthday at the I.A.F. party.  We had DJ Eclektic and Taz on the wheels of steel.  The place was packed with dancers and non-dancers.  Drinks were bought, sweat was dropped but most importantly, love was in the air, as it should always be.  I took the opportunity to ask a few of my friends to explore their inner ‘funky-nasty-ness’, and I myself captured a few people whom I believe spoke through their clothes. Enjoy!

Oreo – Brooklyn Zoo Representative


Georgios – Team Afro


The Lady and her Hubby – TiffStar & Oreo – Brooklyn Zoo Crew

TiffStar & Oreo

Nova – NBK Representative – Birthday Boy


“Always Stay Fresh, Never Be Faded!” – Nubian Nene