Snowy Sundae

On a Snowy Sundae, I decided to venture to one of my favorite cities, Philly.  Some of you might think it’s crazy to travel to another city in the midst of a snow storm, one, that advises all from rats to birds, to stay in.  Well, I am not an usual ‘bird’ and definitely not a rat haha.  I come from Montreal, where we possibly receive the most amount of snow yearly, so some inches won’t stop this stubborn, yet free bird to migrate down south for a few hours.  I headed to the City of Brotherly ( why not Sisterly?) Love, to compete, share, dance, live and always Love.  Thanks to Steve Believe for holding it down for the community. Thanks to DJ Lil’ Dave for providing amazing music at the Second Sundae Jam…til next time!

A few people caught my attention with their styles, and here is what they had to say…

This is Just Sole aka Kyle Clark…

Whowas born in Baltimore, but has been calling Philadelphia home for 12 years now. Just Sole is a Hip Hop Dance Professor at both, the University of the Arts and Temple University in Philadelphia. He Co-Founded Funky Sole Fundamentals, and sits as the CEO. He also founded JustSole SDT. He is a principal dancer and rehearsal director for the Rennie Harris Puremovement Company. What inspires his way of dressing he says: “…AGE…lol..” he adds : “…[d]epends on the venue or what I plan on doing. No matter what I wear, I end up getting down in it…lol I believe it’s ok to dress like a grown man here and again.” His favorite color is: “The Primary Ones”.

Just Sole

Homie from another city, Hannibal…

…Inspiration today for his outfit was to promote his clothing line Wealth Of Knowledge™ (see link below). I asked him how he puts his outfit together usually, and he said that he starts by “matching some colors” and that he always starts with whatever message he’s trying to portray for the event he’s attending, and lately he’s been pushing his brand.  What inspires the way he dresses? He dresses through his feelings. If he could be an article of clothing he would be “…a fur coat, because I would be deeply thought about when you have all your special occasions, [either] you want to be flamboyant or elegant.” Hannibal is from and still resides in North Philadelphia, and you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Hannibal____ and @Wealthclothes.


Now we have Brice…

…Also known as Professor Lock, is a dance educator and choreographer.  He is into a fitted, urban and clean look, and that’s how he got inspired to dress today.  I asked him if his outfit was inspired for this particular event, and he said that he’s fashion right now feels comfortable, sporty and functional.  In order to get to know him a bit more, I wanted to know who he is in terms of style, and he said that he is funky and chill, but most of all, an individual.  “I like to look how I feel, no more no less.”  What’s his favorite accessory to rock? His Newsboy Hat.  “It’s a timeless accessory that can work with a suit and tie or a pair of jeans and sweatshirt.” Interestingly enough, it keeps him connected to his ‘Locker’ roots.  Professor Lock reps Philly.

Professor Lock

Meet Joshua Culbreath…

…better known in the Hip Hop community as Super or Supa Josh.  He is a Hip Hop theater performer and a dance fitness trainer.  He hails from Philadelphia, and currently resides in West Philly.  When I saw Josh, I was attracted to his fun shirt paired with a nice hat the he wasn’t sporting the whole night, which, in my opinion, added to his outfit.  Sometimes when you rock something on your person, without ‘rocking it’, it adds that much more flavor.  What’s his favorite article of clothing?  He says he loves his feather necklace, because it means a lot to him.  He also adds that “I feel like it’s [necklace] a part of my wings and it’s a reminder that no matter what happens I can fly off into my own world.”

Supa Josh

My short visit to Philly on that ‘snowy dae’ allowed me to meet new faces.  Here comes Kingsley Ibeneche.  We met on the dance floor and exchanged words in a dance form.  It was a pleasure, and I am glad to have met an amazing dancer.  I was able to catch a glimpse of his mismatched socks and he felt a bit embarrassed as he told me he rushed to get to the jam, and “just threw his outfit together”, but I told him that even if it was a mistake, sometimes mistakes are meant to happen in order to connect to others…

Brother Kingsley…

…Lives in Camden, New Jersey but is originally from Nigeria.  He is a professional dancer and also teaches ballet, jazz and modern dances.  Theme he likes to play with, especially when he is about to dance, is a mix of semi-formal with a down-to-earth look.  I asked him, if he had to choose an article of clothing that would best describe him, he said “a nice vintage Christmas sweater”, …“though it’s made of simple design, it has a certain elegance about it, and it can be worn or used in more than one occasion.”  He relates the sweater to himself because he believes he’s a simple and calm guy, but can be elegant at times.  This goes into the question of how can he describe his style in 3 words, and he answers: Afrocentric, Classy and Nonchalant.  Kingsley can be followed on instagram @ugumba.


What a crazy fun night it was in Philly.  For myself I rocked a simple outfit, which says a lot with my accessories.  I rocked black just because it makes me look slimmer haha.  Added a hat which expresses how I feel about myself, DOPE, a couple of necklaces (one I made, and one which represents my inner soul, one that was given to me from an important person in my life), and a vest that speak of my energy, colorful.  And let’s not forget the Glasses and the Laces.  Thank you to all the contributors to my 1st post.  Stay tuned for the next jam I hit…til then..

Stay Fresh, Crisp and Hip Hop

Nene Sundae

All Photos Taken by Glasses & Laces

My Photo Taken By : Ryan Farber


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