Stylin’ At ‘Freestyle Session’

What an Epic Sunday it was.  Beautiful spring day, warm, sunny and full of creativity in the air.  I always look forward to go to jams.  It’s a social event that makes the community, I am part of, come together.  You meet and greet people and exchange through words, dance, music and smiles.  The location of the venue was amazing, close to the water front in Brooklyn, under the Manhattan Bridge, in the neighborhood of Dumbo.  At the end of the night, I got to hear from a native New Yorker, Conrad Rochester, that back in the eighties, that area was deserted and only frequented to do some low key business, if you know what I mean.  It’s very fascinating to me to hear from natives of this City, how things used to be and how things are now.  Conclusion : the venue and location were a great choice by the organizers.  Thanks Nemalesis Production for hosting.  Congrats to Supreme Beings for taking the win.  I do have to admit that in my opinion the best battle of the night was Del Fuego crew vs Street Masters/Domestic Apes.  That goes in my book of Epic Battles.  I captured a few ‘essences’, stylin’ while groovin’.  Here are a few people that I know and think are cool while in their dancing shoes and off the dance floor.

Still 1SchoolsSamoQDiegoFrostLance

Until next jam, stay fresh and never faded.

G & L


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