Words of …

It the interpreter’s eyes, movement is key.

In the artist’s eyes, emotion and feeling are key

to represent your soul; through movement.

The essence of feeling.

The feeling of realism.

Realize your dreams.

Dream big, plan accordingly.

Accord your instrument (s).

Satisfy your needs.

Needles and threads are terms of two entities.

Breaking and Fixing or should I say making?

Make your mark, leave your legacy.

Legalize weed.

Weed out the rotten ones, make space for the Fresh.

Fresh is Health.

Health is wealth, misery still exists.

Existence is scarce, as Androids are in packs.

Pack your bags, head to your freedom, run to your destiny.

Destination, Destiny: Funny, they relate.

Relations to you or to me.

Me, Myself and I is what matters.

Matter at hand is to love yourself.

Yourself alone is enough, but a crew is family.

Familiarize yourself with your environment.

Nubian Nene – g & L


One thought on “Words of …

  1. Beautifully written. It’s written as if not rehearsed, but just put on the ca nvas , as real and honest as it needs to be. I appreciate the two perspectives of the artist and the observer of the art. Many people like to think they understand both sides, but the great thing about being an artist is the ability to be chameleons in that sense. At some point, we go from being the artist, then back to observer. We are never fixated in one place. Thank you!


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