When’s the last time you decided to lead life with your less dominant hand? I challenge you to do it, cause today was that day for me. I used my left hand, and suddenly my lips were twisting in all kinds of ways, anxious to figure this out patiently, and enjoying doing it like my first time, many years ago, on the right side. I am right handed, and right-brained, which makes me, in theory, more of the creative and artistic type. Do you know anything about the left brain/right brain theory? I think it’s interesting, and worth researching and observing. Are you methodical and analytical in your thinking? If so, you might just be left-brained.

A few years ago , I became friends with this remarkable human. We had the pleasure of working busy shifts together, and spoke about many random subjects, some related to work, but most related to our lives outside of work. He’s an heartist, and his fascination for left-handed people is intriguing to me. He would say:

Left-handed people use the arm of the heart

The artists of the heart are heartists


He would imagine lefties to be heartfelt, and deeply connected in their creations. The art, spoken with the help of the heart’s lengthy extension; the arm, is sentimental, isn’t it?

Fascinating enough, many left-handed people are very agile on their right side, and vice versa. Ambidextrous people are most likely achieving impeccably balanced psyche. We can all achieve ambidextrous status if motivation and discipline are at the rendez-vous. Taking the time to learn our learned behavior, and making space to create new ones. Can it only be left-brained and right-brained? Humans are multi-faceted and complex beings, and in order to understand its behavior, the human body cannot be divided, and then studied seperately. It always must be seen and analyzed as a whole, because all is affected. Just like the Universe.

Practicing both sides of the brain, means becoming a better artist, challenging oneself to gain beginner status. With beginner’s eyes, you see differently, and therefore create differently, as the terrifying unknown unravels itself. It’s exciting, inspiring even. As long as the heart is open to the reality of change and keeping a space in the brain for the heart to feel, I can be a <3artist.


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