This is a moment of truth.

The story unfolds within another story under the guidance of a storyteller. It is an accumulation of past and present experiences, a glimpse of the physical limitations, a vast array of ancestral rituals, an abundance of love, a hint of pain, and acts of servitude to oneself.

The story unfolds in tandem with the other stories. Seconds within minutes, within hours, within weeks, within months, within years, have accumulated to write the story.  Creating space for the heart to pump, for the lungs to expand, and for the mind to race with extremely fast, uncontrollable thoughts, meant to be explored and expressed.  The protagonist’s virtuosity is strong, subtle, dark, light, peaceful, and chaotic all at once. To experience it is to be invited into a world of pain and suffering, but also of love and acceptance.

Ten minutes of sole creativity.

A ten minute made to feel, made to sense.

That’s enough time to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth, my only truth. It must be said, in order for the veritas to be shared, one must embrace the position entrusted, embrace the opportunity to share something bigger than the physical form, and embrace the truth about oneself. 10 MINUTES is plenty or are we just scratching the surface? Only a few minutes to express a lifetime, 10 minutes is a lifetime some would say. Nonetheless, the moment of truth has arrived, and it is time to seize it. Carpe Diem.


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