the end of an era

What is an era? “A long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.” as defined by Oxford Languages. I feel like my life is a multitude of eras.

A few years ago, a process was started. One that encompassed a lot of trials and tribulations, sweat and tears, discoveries and mysteries. Unreal it is that we are where we are now. We lost some and we gained one. Finally, something is coming to life, after all the efforts that it takes. We kinda survived these two years of uncertainty. Kinda is the keyword. Grateful to have made it this far, and to hopefully make it to the end of this new era. Some got canceled, but most are on. The end of an era it is.

Tomorrow, a new one begins.

Off to a new beginning.

What awaits is still unknown, what is planned is very well possible, but only time will tell.

this is the end of an era. Reconnecting, loving, opening, sleeping, traveling, laughing, learning, creatively working are all characteristics of that era. Gladly, those will be featured in the next one, alongside new ones.

This is the beginning of an era.


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