You wake in the morning thinking this is where you are. and perhaps where you wanna be.  you go about life wondering if you will ever meet the o.n.e. what is the one. who is the one?  is it a fragment of your imagination. or perhaps the reflection of your reflection.  we attract what we are.  we impose who we love.  share. click. like. click. wake up and write. and let the flow of the words roll down from your freshest thoughts. thoughts you ink on ruled lines.  scribble. write. thoughts.  without thinking too much. never enough. or always too much.  love. love. the one. love love. all of a sudden hate. hate. why do we hate?  well, it is because we love. thoughts. just thoughts. don’t try and decipher the undecipherable. is that even a word. wait let me double check. pause for a second or five. yes, it is. ESL. at times. well, all the times. friends hurting. friends loving. friends crying. friends smiling. crying. hurting.  smiling. feeding.  motherhood is it in the cards.  hm, I wonder.  whatever is?  I don’t wonder.  I live.  I don’t expect. well, I don’t try to in any case.  this is thoughts. just thoughts.  memories don’t live like people do. so no worries. lost not lost. found. not lost.  this energy i vibrate is love and compassion.  it’s expo nation. thoughts, just thoughts.  anger creates such a harmful energy. inside it burns. and it burned. now it’s cold. freezing cold. that’s not good. too much gap between cold and hot. you get stress.  stress hurts. it hurts. no more. none of it. eliminate. move. move. move. center and balance your mind. find that deep connection within. and love and live. and live and love. thoughts. thoughts about him. and her. and them. and no one in particular. just thoughts…


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