f o o t s t e p s

Born with a desire to discover I stand here living the path I chose to walk with the guidance of the ancestors.  Daily, I leap into steps, allowing the known to bring me to the unknown, and gracefully, at times more savagely, I observe, absorb, understand, overstand, live.  I once was lost and then was found, and the cycle repeats itself infinitely, as life is the constant variable. The desire to discover or the discovery of desire?  The former led me to meet people from places of the world who have fulfilling lives, joyful experiences, speak different languages, dialects enjoy music and who are imaginative creatives, hardworking, diligent, warm-hearted humans.  It also portrayed the other side of the scale, of deprived, impoverished, controlled, racist individuals, communities, and nations…The latter (the discovery of desire)  must have manifested itself early.  Desiring something is a sentiment that is triggered and most likely felt at a young age.  I, unfortunately, do not remember and do not care to recollect my first discovery of desire.  Perhaps, we could talk about a variety of subjects regarding life that would trigger the behavior, hence making this dialogue infinite.  How about this for a story of the discovery of desire?  A connection so strong between individuals, where the energies intertwine timely, and create a push-and-pull effect, making each part of your physical vehicle to be felt and alive.   A current that awakens your senses with a string of electricity.  Moments sparking the blood flow in the veins, lungs filling up quickly, and suddenly nothing.  Was this a figment of my imagination?  Is it Me? you? them? him? her? Us?  I desire to discover and discover to desire.

Enjoy.  Enjoy the moments given to you.  Even the ones that make you dislike life at that moment.  It is better to experience something than to feel nothing.  How else are you going to take that journey within and make more knowledgeable decisions?  Enjoy.

Here’s an experience I allowed to happen and it happened for me.  Connections were aligned and moments lived and even though I was hurting in many ways, I was living in many ways.  I enjoyed.  Grateful and thankful for life.  Thank you and enjoy.


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