In the last few weeks…

I have traveled to and from a few places but only driven to a few. I bought a whip a few months back, and it is becoming my get-away car. Don’t be alarmed, I haven’t driven it from Montreal to Miami, yet. Ha. The road through New York State though was a beauty to experiment with my get-away car (still trying to find her a name).

In all of my journeys, I have gained and lost something, such is, the cycle. A loss in my opinion is not necessarily on the negative tip. It offers space for teaching moments, lessons, experiences, and much more. On the other hand, gaining doesn’t always mean something positive. With gained knowledge, you might find yourself going against the grain… Let’s be careful what we wish for, cause we might receive it! On that note…Let’s talk about MIAMI thoooooo!

Miami Florida, also known as MIA, is what I like to call an easy vacation spot while remaining in the States. Eating out is about as expensive as New York City, but it is HAWT like the Caribbean, and almost like in Ayiti. Off I fly from NYC to MIA and land on Vacation Island. What’s on the agenda? Sun, some sun, sprinkled with more sun, and of course, a dash of sun, and let’s not forget some sun, and finally, the very important, Sun. Next on the agenda is spending quality time with a couple of friends. Work NOT. Certainly, have a drink, or two. Wear heels, smell good, flirt, laugh, dance a lil’. Sing NOT, and have nothing but FUN. My intentions set on a daily & nightly, all manifested, and then some. Every day on my journey I was blessed with some unique experiences. Seeing humans, from past lives, embracing each other, and I was remembering how exquisitely beautiful they are. Meeting new kindred souls and allowing real moments to happen. While listening to music, in a very well-curated spot, with fly a** staff members & DJs, conversation with my feet and the dance floor was on, in an ambiance that is on some [Grown-up Sh*t]. Finally, well, I was doing some regular, and not so regular, stuff. Catching a flick. Catching many flicks. ART BASEL. SCOPE. Sand. Some more sand. A bit more sand. And lastly, some more sand…

The common denominator is that these experiences were lived by me at the moment, at that exact moment of each moment. The people I speak of in this story, are real. We connected many years ago or just a few minutes before our moment. I carry these pockets of joy with me, and they always seem to come to me at the right time. I am not only acknowledging the nature of manifesting, but the power it holds. The quality of friendship one holds, is a reflection of self.

This goes out to all of you that crossed my path on that Miami trip. Yall know who you are if you ever read this. Ha. Shout out to all you hard-working people out there. To the artists who keep inspiring, and adding to the game. Thank you Sun, Ocean, Sand, Sky, Nature. Thank you, friends. Thank you life.


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