Man, this time of year always seems so weird. Frankly, it never felt this lonely before. And I do lonely well. It seems like avoiding dealing with feelings is the way. Keeping to self all the time. Not interested in sharing my opinions, emotions, devotions. I want to cry, and then, keep to myself and make loads of money. *Smirks* Anyway, this time of year is dead. The hibernation process is well on the way with colder nights and shorter days. Cold LONELY nights. *Smirks Out Loud* So, are you catching that cold drift? *Smirking Out Loud* Anyway. Believe me, the magic of winter means warm soups, blanket time, movie time, and dreaming together with someone warm.


This goes out to all of you out there, spending the new year alone, by choice, or not. To all of you who are tired of spending your nights alone. To all of you who denied love, and now find yourselves alone. To all of you who are abundant with love, but you feel alone. To all of you who endure pain, suffering, all on your own. To all of you who fight for what is right. You ain’t alone. I’m here with you. I am here with all of yall.

Vulnerability is scarce because the hurt is present. Constantly deterring from the subject I really wanna talk about. The daily writing and publishing help. But I’m too considerate. The Goal? Putting my feelings and emotions on the table. So the anxiety can subside.

End of the year drama.


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