As the new year started, intentions are being set. A yearly check-in is a must to keep track of the progress. The first day of a new cycle feels often like a re-set, a point at which you reset, reflecting on achievements. Therefore making space for something new and cooler, to be set and achieved in the future.

My younger brother and I spoke about the importance of realizing our personal progress, readjusting according to what has helped or hindered the process. Rewarding the states of completion, and reflecting on patterns of digression. Recognizing that sometimes, we are our very own worst enemy and closer to the answers. Discerning that we are our very own best friend, and better than the other.

A New Year brings about hopes and dreams. A desire to be better.

Occasionally, we are too eager, so who’s the savior to our behavior? Might it be We, by sprinkling some motivation with a cup of discipline, a spoon of confidence, and a zest of boldness, as a starter? Yeah, that’s a good recipe for a serious planner. Investing in the ‘now or never’, in the ‘us together’, for ‘stronger forever’ type of player. Being smarter than smart, with a gentle stride. There’s no need to fuss, let’s just jump and ride. Let’s keep dreaming, let’s keep doing, ’cause remember that each day counts…1,2,3, and next thing you know we’re in 2023.

Happy New Year 2022.

Nubian Nene


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