Sunday Driver’s Blues

Tonight on the highway, I thought about my day which started by setting intentions for the new year. Writing, meditating, and exercising were part of the mix. Exchanging a few stories with my father while having a Haitian patty and coffee was my favorite. On my way to brunch, I was faced with the unavoidable ‘Sunday Driver Blues’.  You know, the way everyone drives very slowly and almost recklessly?  I wonder why drivers follow so closely?  It’s almost like dogs chasing truffles, which then causes the unpredictability of having to break. Did you know that most of the small accidents are caused because drivers follow too closely?  This gets me frustrated and increases my anxiety behind the wheel.  I, then, suddenly remember, that this is only the second day of the year and that I spent the last week wishing my close ones peace, and light.  Patience is peace, patience is light, and it is one of my strong suits, but it is very thin when I’m driving.  I was in no rush, so I took a breather, increased my awareness, and back on my meditative drive I was, listening to house music…

A song came on, and it felt like a wink from an old acquaintance who has transitioned in the recent year.  It reminded me about my humble beginnings, a time I was becoming.  At the time, I was caught up in my ego, and couldn’t even comprehend this unique exchange.  Patience. Here I am, a decade later, fully aware of its importance, and how it has shaped me, my dance, and my journey.  Patience. What an honor…

I am grateful for all of the signs the universe sends my way.  Patience. I see them, and I follow them.  Patience. They lead me where I am supposed to be.  Patience. How do I know?  Cause it feels just about right. Patience. I am smiling.  I am feeling…


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