Time is of the Essence

Time is relative.

Time doesn’t exist.

Time is a social construct.

Time is money.

Time is of the Essence.

Time flies. Or does it?

As someone with a varying schedule, it is important to plan accordingly.  My personality and allows for malleable shifts, and it reconfigures time slots.  Today, for instance, I decided to use my time differently, helping a friend who needed an extra pair of hands, and the company.  I battled with myself at first, thinking how can I be efficient with my time, and still manage to get the things I need to do, done.  Time is relative.

The joy I felt spending that precious time on someone else’s progress, had me realizing the personal progress I was making. By letting go of ‘I need’, and making way for ‘I want’, I remembered how time is intertwined with work. It defines your life schedule basically. Time is money.

As I willingly gifted my time, I managed to still get personal things done, just in a different timely manner, proving my desire to control my narrative.  Time is a social construct made for the population to roll one way.  As a result of that, I take pleasure living my life as I want it to roll, and emphasizing living in the moment, constantly creating new realities with time on my hands, and how I use it. The NOW, which is forever shifting, is what really matters.  Time doesn’t exist.

I am not a parent yet, but one thing I understand about parenting is you don’t own ‘your’ time. I believe good parenting requires an extremely balanced time management, and an ability to be selfless. As an artist, and one without kids, society’s views define you as selfish. For example, a womxn who chooses to bring her career (her baby) to new heights, is seen as going against the ‘natural order’ of womxnhood. “She didn’t focus her time on being married and having a family, therefore has no generosity with her time for others, therefore she’s self-serving,” society could say.  Time is of the Essence.

What is time really?  What is time on Earth?  Some living organisms have been around for centuries, millennials.  Humans can live on average 80 years.  The distance between the Sun and Earth is calculated in light years.  One minute can feel like eternity.  One minute can feel like a blink of an eye.  What I choose to do in that minute, is exactly that, what I chose.  Time flies.  Or does it?


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