I was just reminded that many years ago I expressed my need to go because I had made up my mind about leaving to live my life to the fullest. That reminded me of how strong-willed I was back then. It also reminded me how strongly I feel even more about that statement today. I am reminded that I am the answer and also the question. I am reminded of the power I hold as a Black Womxn. I am also reminded of how the world views, imagines, sees Black Womxn. I’m reminded of the power my womb, my head, my skin, my legs hold. I am reminded of my privileges and my advantages made possible by my ancestors, whom I could never forget. I’m reminded to be grateful, thankful, skillful. Reminding is important to remember. Isn’t reminding a way of remembering? What I know is that in these last couple of years, I had more time on my hands to remind myself of things, and remember. I found myself laying down on my bed, closing my eyes, and bringing into my memories, reminders of the past. I would travel to these moments in time, and remember clearly and sometimes not so clearly, who I was then. Who I am now. These reminders are precious because I don’t remember them per se, but I do believe they appear when they need to, with the intent they hold. Now the real question is, how do I actively engage my reminders as the moments are passing? Perhaps setting reminders might help to remember.


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