Late Night Pages – Part 1

I’ve honestly been sitting here trying to figure out what to write about tonight. I usually get inspired by my daily life and connect it to whatever I see relevant. I like to ask myself questions, therefore enjoy asking others questions. Respectfully of course. I did ask myself a few questions, on the subjects of dating, money, relationships, and car stuff. The answers are unfortunately nothing interesting enough to share. Well except for the car stuff (see below). The beginning of the day was balanced and that lead to a very productive work flow. Thanks to that fun mobility and breathing movement I got into. Right now, because it’s night time, I feel like sharing some ‘late night pages’, following the same guidelines for the ‘morning pages’.

Late Night Pages – Part 1

I’m looking at the time and remember that I want to be done writing in about thirty minutes.

I have to gas up the tank tomorrow before work.

I should wake up earlier than usual and still manage to enjoy my morning routine. That’s crucial to a great start of the day. I haven’t had coffee today and I feel great! I love coffee, but I am not an addict. I enjoy the taste and smell and its culture I respect. I drink it black, no sugar, no milk, cause I am sweet enough! I’ve been doing ginger and turmeric tea.

I got some cool things for my car, such as THE Amor All vacuum cleaner that you plug in the lighter slot. I have to admit I am pretty excited about it, and tomorrow will be the day I try it.

I’ve had such a geeky conversation about dance today, and it felt good. Dance is so many things. It’s movement, it’s spirits, it’s conversation, it’s discipline, it’s strength, it’s passion, it’s difficult, it’s power, and so much more. To be able to talk about dance on more than just one aspect, and not only on a broad stroke, but also dipping in the depth of it, is a privilege. The speech and embodiment experience is one powerful connection. Conclusion, my manifestation super power is working.

I’ve been taking naps around the same time lately. The blocks of hours allow me to plan for a nap. They feel good, cause they are no more than 15 minutes; a power nap. The only problem is that they get me wired for the rest of the night. I’m already a night owl… Conclusion, I have to find balance in my evening hours.

I should be in bed by now, but here I am writing a post with no sense or order. And that’s fun, because this is just the mental/verbal vomit transcribed here. Calling it a night.

I am grateful for this day.

I have seen and breathed.

I hope I can wake to write another line.



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