Stranged day it’s been. What is strange though?

Gratefully, today I woke, but it seemed, it was meant to be dis-connected, miss-connected. The thought of time became distant. Even when the meditative aspect of driving kicked in, I was capable of being in each pocket of time while forgetting about it instantly. These moments are fleeting, but they are lived. It dawned that this alignment in the sky of a retrograde and the monthly rise of the waters is a time that will disturb all the waters. This means all are affected, none can escape! Where to? Any way? Feels like time traveling. It is time traveling.

Disconnection was never the problem, and there were no missed connections. They all were exactly where they were when I was. Doubt did inflict distraction, but being distracted is receiving too many time capsules at once, being drawn apart. The power remains to find center find balance within. Find Center. Find Balance.

Arrived at a new time, a thought came to life. An admirable trait is to allow oneself to live in the moments, to cherish each tick that passes by. That’s the way not to miss out. The mastery of that trait, intensifies time traveling. Arrived at a new time, I read this quote: “[…]learn to create the emotional safety needed to operate at [y]our full potential[…]”. A sign served on a golden platter. A mantra. Right there in the pocket of time. Right there in the sensation of life.


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