I rarely celebrate Fridays.

Rarely celebrating means that each day of the week feels like a Friday.

Lucky feeling indeed. It’s a celebration every day.

This week is different.

It’s been packed with amazing revelations, opportunities to learn, and experiences to tell about.

TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday.

Meant to uplift those who need it, this acronym/phrase announces the beginning of the weekend. Who doesn’t like the weekend?

There’s an energy about weekends that feels productive and relaxing at the same time. A desire to control time in such a way that merrymaking is for Saturday and repose for Sunday.

What about Friday though?

Friday is to luxuriate in the simple pleasures of life. Taking off bras, drinking wine, flirting, and contemplating the hours ahead of respite from the week.

Thank God it’s Friday. The bra is off, wine is bought, flirting is scheduled, and the rest is in the pocket.


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