Next Stop

The takeaway for the day is ‘to be grounded’. In all honesty, it is an understatement of the last couple of years. The importance of finding roots stretched long enough to sustain self, feed, propagate, make others stronger, protect its environment, be vulnerable, bloom, and blossom is at its highest. “Let’s not take that for granted anymore”, I say to myself. Definitely on the list of mantras.

Reminded not long ago, how being grounded offers an opportunity to get deeper in one layer at a time, and to explore many more layers with time, and how it is reflected in all aspects of life. For example, electricity needs grounding, humans need grounding, plants need ground, and so does a child. Every baby is birthed from a seed, that grows into a sprout, and then into a strong base, with electrifying ideas, and if branched out, it will carry the fruit, the legacy, therefore life.

To be grounded or not to be? That is not the question anymore. Every step taken is one closer to the ground, enough to feel the vibration of this vibrant Earth. Every footprint calls upon us to find that connection, that footing, to not be scared to plant, and allow growth to happen. I have arrived at my next destination…the next stop.


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