1s & 2s

Back at it again with this combination of numbers. The next time that it will be possible to see many 1s and 2s will be the month of November. No other months have this connection. The number 1 is the beginning. Even the slightest decimal point above zero starts with the number one. These are the mathematics of life. The human body is composed of lots of 1s and 2s, and that’s where and when it all begins. Let’s just remember that before we can even be, there has to be two entities who come together to produce another one. Now, that third one, as its own entity, could perpetuate this behavior. Seems to me, the numbers 1, 2 & 3 are all that we need really, and understanding the significance of 0 is important. Either there’s nothing, there’s less than, or more than, and once the acceptance of it happens, the better the understanding of life is.

1s and 2s are kind of the same in a way. Whenever they come together, it feels like a new beginning, a time of renewal, a rebirth, a space where magic can always happen, a reminder. The thought process is now to find ways to get back to the basics. In order to clearly see how far one has come, we must allow ourselves to remember what it felt like to get on our 2s or to take our 1st steps at anything. Just the thought of it is a privilege, even more so to remember your own course of life from way back then. But when the energy is focused while adding these 1s and 2s, the answers come. Happy New Beginning. Happy 1s and 2s.


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