Strange Grounds

Strange grounds it feels like. This is the place I have resided the longest, the place I was conceived and birthed. This is the same place I went to kindergarten, elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and university schools. This is the place I had my ‘first’ of many things. This is the same place that has inflicted pain, given sorrow, and imposed fear. But it is also the place that provided epic laugh attacks, rewarding teaching moments, and unforgettable love stories.

I pondered why the grounds feel so strange. I do not connect to the vibrations it emits, feels like the heartbeat has a murmur and its lungs are in an echo chamber. This could be true for many grounds, but I am not here to figure that out. I am here to see why this feels so strange, why the disconnection between her and me exists, given she has so much to offer. It must simply be because I left it slightly unattended.  Like, never returning a phone call.  Neither of us picked up the phone.

Montreal is a charming city some say, and I believe that. It’s a vast island, and often not very well known by its inhabitants, many of whom don’t venture to many other neighborhoods outside of their immediate localities. Don’t get me wrong, there are still quite a lot of people who know this city like the back of their palms. I used to be one of these people, browsing these streets on a daily.  And, if you manage to catch the waves of the vibes, and to slow down that pace to 95 BPM, you’ll be impressed by how avant-garde it is.  Strange grounds it feels like now.

What a privilege to have opportunities to get to know it better, as an alien, with a new set of lenses. Many new localities of the city have been combed through, while others stay unbrushed by my laces. Taking advantage of the life experiences to discover more, study the flow, and understand the beat of the place. I know more than I knew before. Still, strange grounds it feels like.  I guess it will forever feel a bit stranger.


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