the portal

This is the story of a little girl looking through to look in. She kneels down. The light shines through, her eyes are closed. The darkness absorbs the room, the space feels immense, quietness settles in. This is precisely when the voyage begins when finally, that one eye is open. The light shines through. Packed with molecules necessary to survive, this brilliance is the pathway leading to the portal, to the soul. When an odyssey of this splendor is underway, being grounded and open is primordial. The mystery of the path now unraveled, the challenge is to dare step into the light. Step into your light. What does it take to build the courage to make the first step? What does it take to take that first step? What does it take to take more than one step? The light shines through. The portal is within reach. The parallel lines define the direction to the initial entrance. The decision is reached, the portal will be crossed. But, what’s on the other side? What awaits once the light is traversed, and another darkness awaits? The question remains, the time is passing, the pacing begins. The light shines through. And then, darkness hits, in utter silence, with a feeling of emptiness and fullness creeping simultaneously. No one but yourself can take you out of control, out of the portal, out of the light, and out of the darkness. Is that what the soul feels like? Is that what within feels like? Is that how looking through looking in feels like? Only you have the answer. Each side of the portal has an infinite realm of galaxies never to be felt twice the same. So it is fair to say to treat each experience like it was your last. Every time the threshold of the portal is crossed it will lead you where you need to be. That’s all you need to see. The light shines through, and with the rotation of time, so does the darkness, allowing one to adapt, to change, to live, and to die. This little girl found herself to be grand; universe-like, when she escapes. The portal never ceases to exist, and the light keeps on shining through.


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