It feels like there’s a real need to press that pause button. Thoughts are a bit scattered even if they are in order. There’s not much to say since the brain is tired, and it seems like the week has just started when in reality, it’s almost over. Sometimes, you just know when you have to throw in the towel. Press Pause is like when being a kid with a VHS or a cassette player was a thing, and we paused videos every second to learn movements. It feels like the pause button needs to be pressed for more than one thing in life. The decision is to keep choosing oneself. To know the worth of self means a lesson has been learned. One to the next one, the one that wants my attention, my future. Pressing pause on unnecessarily spending energy on anything or anyone that does not elevate one’s purpose in life. Also, pause on late-night shenanigans…

There’s a tendency to either put too much food on your plate or to return too many times to the buffet selections. Both behaviors display a form of a lack of self-control. What is self-control? It is such a personal question. What is the self? What is control? Too many questions, pressing pause. There comes a time though, the chapter must be read, and the book must be finished. Preparing one for the next story to find them, and for them to write it.


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