Black Canvas

A place where everything is possible. Too often, the conversation about the presence of light, the presence of white, represents peace and clarity, enlightenment, and the absence of light; darkness, the presence of black, represents anger, emptiness, and death. I am of those who know that blackness is the absolute answer, the space for immense possibilities, the rabbit hole of answers, the ability to feel deeply within. What one feels when they close their eyes, staring at the darkness of the lids, noticing the absence of light, or the slight amount of luminance piercing through, is poetic. It allows one to dive in, but only if one is up for the challenge because it is a vulnerable journey. The Black Canvas possesses infinite possibilities, absorbs it all and, transforms it into greatness. The slightest presence of light makes the impression of a million waves, glaring through space, changing the order of darkness, introducing particles of vibes, and bringing a different set of vibrations. On a Black Canvas, it might seem harder to see what masterpiece is ‘drawn’, but that’s the point exactly, it is not meant for an amateur eye. Those who seek will see. Those who dare to paint on that type of canvas will find themselves spending time getting lost, to really be found. Amounted stories, layers of many past lives, and future ones, make up a Black Canvas. With corners still undiscovered, this is the appropriate place to try as much as you want, as much as you can. The reminder is that all is absorbed, felt, and re-purposed for one’s need, without any judgment or disacceptance on a Black Canvas.  


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